Monday, June 4, 2012

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Main Dish { Chicken }

BBQ Bacon Chicken, grill
Chicken Breasts Parmigiana, oven
Chicken Chimichangas for camping, campfire
Chicken Crescent Squares, oven
Chicken Enchilada Puffs, oven
Chicken K-bobs, grill
Chicken Monterey, grill
Chicken Nuggets, oven
Chicken Pot Pie, oven
Chicken what the heck, oven
Chicken Wild Rice Soup, stove top
Drumsticks, Chicken legs, oven
Italian Chicken Casserole, oven
Lydia's Crock Pot Chicken, crock pot
Sante Fe Chicken, oven
Stuffed Buffalo Chicken, oven
Sweet-and-Sour Chicken, crock pot
Sweet and Sour Chicken, grill
Swiss Chicken, oven

Main Dish { Beef }

Bacon Ranch Burgers, grill
Baked Mostaciolli, oven
BBQ, stove top
Beef Enchiladas, oven
Dr. Pepper Roast, crock pot
Filled Meatballs, oven
French Dip Sandwich, stove top
Gulosh, crock pot
Hamburg Skillet Dinner, stove top
Hodge Podge Soup, stove top or crock pot
Meat Loaf, oven
Mini Meatloaves, oven
Mini Mexican Pizzas, oven
Pizza Burgers, oven
Pizza Casserole, oven
Stuffed Pasta Shells, oven
Swiss Steak, crock pot
Taco Salad, oven
Tator Tot Casserole, oven

Main Dish { Ham/Pork/Sausage }

Italian Nachos, oven
Party Potato Casserole, oven
Pork Tenderloin ( Italian dressing ), grill
Pork Tenderloin ( Montreal Steak Marinade ), grill
Pork Tenderloin, slow cooked, grill
Slow-Cooked Pork Barbecue, crock pot
Three Meat Pizza Casserole, oven
Zatarain's Rice and Smoked Sausage, stove top

Main Dish { Other }

Pizza Bites, oven
Pepperoni Rolls, oven
Potato Soup, stove top
Stromboli, oven

Side Dish

Asparagus, oven
Bacon, oven
Baked Beans, crock pot
Baked Potatoe with Kosher Salt, oven
Fast Fruity Delight
Greek Quacamole Salsa
Green Bean Casserole, oven
Green Beans with Garlic, stove top
Hashbrown Casserole - DeZwaan, oven
Herb Bread, oven
Macaroni and Cheese, crock pot
Mashed Potatoes, stove top
Noodle Salad,
Oreo Pudding
Parmesan Potatoes, oven
Red Skin Mashed Potatoes, crock pot/oven
Strawberry Pretzel Salad
Three Cheese Potatoes, grill

Appetizer / Snacks


Bread / Misc.

Chocolate Chip Cookies, oven
Banana Bread, oven
Hot Chocolate mix
Monkey Bread, oven
Punch, Raspberry
Smoothie, blender

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